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Fruit Tree Paradise Workshops

Each spring and fall, SweetSong Groves offers a 3-hour class in fruit tree horticulture. It is a complete introduction, for both beginning and intermediate growers. Topics include:

  • the seven basic horticultural concerns
  • grafted trees — why you (usually) want one
  • fertilization
  • how to plant
  • how to prune
  • how to select a tree
  • diseases and insect pests
  • growing in containers
  • fruit tree clubs

The topics are illustrated in a hands-on fashion that include tours of SweetSong’s groves. The emphasis throughout is on non-toxic, ecologically sound methods. Instructions for participants are here: Fruit Tree Paradise Workshop What To Expect.

The current (and ever-evolving) version of the notes is free: Fruit Tree Paradise Workshop Notes, along with a spreadsheet of very basic information about the species commonly grown in our region: Basic Fruit Tree Info Spreadsheet.

The cost to attend the workshop, including all taxes and fees, is $25 per person, all donated to Transition Sarasota, a local non-profit non-political organization dedicated to local food and local business in our community. Students and those in financial need may take the class at no cost. Please use the Contact page to request no-cost participation.

The next Workshop will be in March 25, 2:00-5:00 pm, at our principal location. Participation is limited, so please register at Eventbrite to reserve your space.

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