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Our Location


Shh! Don’t tell any fruit thieves our location. It’s 3820 Myrtle St— the southeast corner of Mink Rd and Myrtle St in north Sarasota County. It’s about a mile east of Lockwood Ridge between 17th St and University Parkway. There are alternative routes, but unless you know the area, I recommend going to Lockwood Ridge and turning east on Gocio Rd (the 2nd light north of 17th St, or 3rd south of University Parkway). You will pass Gocio Elementary School, and just under a mile east of Lockwood Ridge is Mink Rd, which goes north. It is shortly after Gocio becomes a canopy road, and at the intersection there is a yellow pedestrian crossing sign on the south side of Gocio. Then go a quarter mile north to the first right, unpaved Myrtle St. You’ll see many fruit trees, and the house in the center of the property. The driveway is the first right on Myrtle St. Enter there, or you can park anywhere along the fence, and walk in through the gravel driveway.

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