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How To Buy

SweetSong Groves is only a few years old, and most of our trees are just reaching production stage. We expect production to increase rapidly in the next two or three years.

We have sold through Nature’s Partner at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market. During 2018, we will continue with Nature’s Partner, and we expect to begin selling at Jessica’s Organic Farm Stand. There are numerous other local outlets where we will eventually market.

Unfortunately, in September we had to strip a lot of young fruit to take weight off trees before Hurrricane Irma. Our next marketable crops will probably be lemons, loquats, and possibly jaboticabas in early 2018.

We are planning a regular newsletter that will include information on where to buy our products and what is currently available. We will have a signup for it on this website once it is in the works.

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